May 1st Opening Day 

Welcome back Campers, we missed you!


                                                                                         Please check back, as we will fill more weekend activities.

Every Saturday

   Cornhole @ 1:00pm Across from pool

   Bingo in the pavilion @ 7:00 pm



Friday May 3rd

  • No activity planned

Saturday May 4th

  • No activity planned

Sunday May 5th

  • No activity planned


Friday May 10th

  • No activity planned

Saturday May 11th

  • Mother's Day Craft in the activity room 1:00pm 

Sunday May 12th

  • No activity planned
  • Happy Mothers Day



Friday May 17th 

  • No events planned

Saturday May 18th

  • No events planned 
  • private event @1:00pm Mance's Landing

Sunday May 19th

  • No events planned 

Friday May 24

  • Decorate your site for Memorial Day 
  • Pool Opens 

Saturday May 25

  • Craft in the activity room @ 1:00 pm
  • DJ Hump @8:30pm  Mance's Landing 
  • It's prom night at RFP

Sunday May 26

  • Golf Cart Parade @ 2:00 pm, line up at the pool

Friday May 31st

  • No activities planned 

Saturday June 1st

  • No activities planned

 Sunday June 2nd

  • No activities planned   

Friday June 7th 

  • No Events Planned

Saturday June 8thth 

  • No Events Planned

Sunday June 9th 

  • No Events Planned

Friday June 14th 

  • Flag Day--Fly your flags and decorate your sites for Flag Day
  • Make a flag in the activity room @6:00pm
  • Paint N Sip, Mance's Landing@ 6:30 ( Fee TBD )

Saturday June 15th 

  • Father's Day Cornhole Tournament 

Sunday June 16th 

  • Happy Father's Day 

Friday June 21st 

  • Schools Out

Saturday June 22nd 

  • Craft- Make a beach towel  @ 2:00pm, Meet in the pavilion  ( $5.00 fee)
  • Live Music with DEAN'S LIST@ 8:30 Mance's Landing

Sunday June 23rd

  • No Events Scheduled 


Friday June 28th

  • Decorate your site for Independence Day 
  • Sloppy Joe @ 8:30 

Saturday June 29th

  • Craft in the activity room @ 1:00 pm, bring a white T shirt 

Sunday July 2nd

  • No Events Planned


Thursday  July 4th

  • Live music Right Turn @ 8:30

Friday July 5th

  • No Events Planned

Saturday July 6th

  • Kids Cornhole Tournament @ 1:00 PM
  • Golfcart parade @ 3:00 pm meet at the pool
  • Mood Swing @8:30PM  Mance's Landing,

Sunday July 7tH

  • No Events planned


Friday July 12th

  • no activities planned

Saturday July 13th

  • Paint a rock to keep or hide @ 1:00 pm 
  • DJ OB  80's dance party @8:30pm  Mance's Landing
  • Ringing in the 80's weekend
  • Chinese Auction 1:00PM, Mance's landing deck ( Inside if it rains)

Sunday July 14th

  • No Activities Planned


Friday July 19th

  • It's Christmas in July
  • Decorate your site for a week of everything Christmas. 

Saturday July 20th

  • Christmas Craft in the activity room @ 1:00 pm

Sunday July 21st

  •  No Activity Planned

Friday July 26th

  • Christmas in July

Saturday July 27th

  • Christmas Golf cart parade@ @2:00pm line up at the pool. Everything Christmas
  • Best Decorated Site contest, win a chance for a free site next season
  • craft  in the craft room @ 1:00 pm

Sunday July 28th

  • No activity planned


Friday Aug 2rd

  • No activity planned

Saturday Aug 3rd

  • 3rd annual car show, from 11-3 With Gary and Vicky Simmons 
  • Kids activity @ 1:00pm
  • Jack Fire  @8:30 at Mance's Landing

Sunday August 4th

  • No activity planned


Friday Aug 9th

  • No activity planned

Saturday Aug 10th

  • Water Wars @ 1:00 PM on the hIll 
  • Rokin Boots @8:30pm  Mance's Landing

Sunday Aug 11th

  • No activity planned


Friday Aug 16th

  • No activity planned

Saturday Aug 17th

  • Kids activity @ 1:00
  • DJ Hump  90's Party  @8:30pm  Mance's Landing

Sunday Aug 18th

  • No activity planned


Friday Aug 23rd

  • No activity planned

Saturday Aug 24th

  • Time Trax @8:30pm Mance's Landing

Sunday Aug 25th

  • No activity planned


Friday August 30th

  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Decorate your sites for Labor Day weekend
  • Happy Labor Day 

Saturday August 31st  

  • Golf Cart Parade @ 1:30, line up at the pool:
  • Kits activity @ 1:00pm 
  • Sloopy Joe @ 8:30 Mance's Landing

Sunday Sept 1st

  • No activities 


Friday Sept 6th

  • No activity planned

Saturday Sept 7th

  • Jack Fire @8:30pm  Mance's Landing
  • Country Western weekend, Wear your boots and hats

Sunday Sept  8th

  • No activity planned


Friday Sept 13th

  • No activity planned

Saturday Sept 14th 

  • 3rd Annual Chili 

Sunday Sept 17th cook- off with Sherrie 

  • No activity planned


Friday Sept 22nd

  • No activity planned

Saturday Sept 23rd

  • No Activity planned

Sunday Sept 24th

  • No activity planned


Friday Sept 27th

  • Halloween Weekend

Saturday Sept 28th

  • Halloween craft in the pavilion @ 1:00-2:00
  • Halloween Golf Cart Parade @ 2:30, line up at the pool
  • Trick or treating @ 4:00
  • TJ Sacco @ 8:30pm Mance's Landing
  • Adult Costume Party

Sunday Oct 1st

  • Thats a wrap  


No events found